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Live Blackjack Bonus

Online casinos often give this bonus so it can be used for the next deposit. Usually online casinos will give generous bonuses to new customers to decline this bonus to a smaller percentage.

But how does this thing they call a ˜deposit bonus` actually work. As you might can imagine the online casino is not giving every customer a free bonus to walk away with.

Extra information about live blackjack bonuses

Like already is mentioned above, online casinos don`t give away free money to every new customer of just customer in general. Therefore, it is wise to look for the so called wagering requirements. These wagering requirements are the requirements you need to fulfill before you are able to withdraw your deposit bonus funds. The requirements themselves are determined by the bonus terms and the condition set up by the online casino in question has. But most of the time this a factor in between 25 and 35. What these numbers represent might be clear in the example on a particular case of a deposit bonus given later on.

Let us now consider the following example of a particular case of a deposit bonus.Assume you want to join a game at an online casino. Your first deposit will be 60 euros. And let`s say you claim a deposit bonus the matches 150% on your initial deposit, which was 60 euros. Now you can start playing with an amount of 150 euros since then!

150% of 60 equals: 1.5 x 60 = 90 euros

This is the value of your bonus, and since it is a bonus we can just add this additional 90 euros to your first deposit.

60 + 90 = 150 euros

Once you are about to start the game the money you are going to use will own deposit, i.e. 60 euros. If you are doing well and with the help of some luck, your total cash balance will increase. But if you are less lucky and your balance goes below 90 euros, you have spent your deposit. In that case you will play on with the money obtained from your bonus, which is 90 euros. But, there are still there wagering requirements you need to complete. Assume that in this case the factor x25 will be used.

This means that in order for you to withdraw the money you have won; 25 times the bonus value must be handed over.

In this case 25 x 90 = 2250 euros must be handed over before you can actually get the winnings.

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