You can find here the best live blackjack casinos with an amazing casino bonus! is one of the popular online casinos right now. It offers a wide variety of gambling games. These are mentioned as Random Number Generator (RNG) and live casino games. The live casino game is made and broadcasted live from a land-based casino in Malta.

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Besides live blackjack which is played with real money also offers casino games in which there is no deposit and thus free. These kind of games are perfect for the ones who are new in the world of online games and want a little practice before they are going to play live blackjack. And to register and get an account is just a matter of a couple of minutes, after that you are ready to explore the exciting world of live blackjack has to offer.Some live casinos broadcast their games from a study. In such a case they are not restricted to opening hours. But live casinos which are broadcasting from a real casino have opening hours since the casino they are broadcasting from do have opening hours.

At this point you might think: "what about the kind of bonuses they offer?".Well, they offer many different kinds of bonuses. To start with, as is mentioned earlier, they have a policy of ‘double the fun`. After your first deposit you receive a bonus of 100% which means your first deposit is doubled and you can start with twice the money you initially invested. But they don`t stop with this royal and warm welcome bonus. Since their motto is double the fun, they give you exactly the same bonus after your second deposit!

But how can you be sure that what is on your screen is actually live? The dealer at will always call you by my screen name. For this wasn`t possible if it was not a live broadcasting. In case of a real land-based casino you will often see television screens in the background with CNN on so people can verify whether it is live or not. is an independent website that provides information about the Best live blackjack casinos and does not offer games itself.