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Live Blackjack Rules

Every game has at least one rule but mostly there are more. Without rules everyone is free to do whatever they like to do. Here some rules are introduced. We have also listed some of the best live blackjack casinos. You can receive an amazing casino bonus when you do your first deposit.

All the blackjack rules on one page!

But before doing so, let us consider a small example of rules in a game, and where it can bring you. Take soccer for example, Like everyone knows, you are only allowed to play with your feet. This the game extra challenging because we are not allowed to use our hands. But with such kind of limitations comes strategy. Why? Well, since we have to achieve something, but we are not allowed to do it the easy way, we must therefore come up with some clever way to surprise and defeat the opponent.

Therefore, if you are going to learn the rules of blackjack, ask yourself constantly what those rules mean for you. Sometimes the situation is such that the rules will only be disadvantageous for you. But as you will see later on, if you are able to manipulate the game, and this is not meant as cheating but rather as to influence the progression of the game by using your skills. Rules can in such a situation be in your advantage.

Now we have discussed the underlying significance of the rules, let us take a look at them.To begin with, before you start playing live blackjack, you first need to place a so called ‘ante`. This ante is just your first deposit you have to place before you can receive any cards. Then, at each table there will be made use of eight 52-card decks. These are shuffled together in a ‘shoe`.

The dealer will draw two pairs of random cards. One of the pairs is given to the player and the other pair is kept by the dealer. Next the dealer shows one of the cards.

In this game the numerical value of the cards are supposed to be added together. These numerical values are displayed on the cards themselves. To clarify this a little bit, consider the following. You have two cards, one of the is a 6 of diamonds and the other one is a 5 of hearts.

If these are your first cards, then you have a starting score of 11. There are four different kinds of cards within a deck, hearts, Club, Diamonds and Spades (or Pikes). With each kind having 13 cards.

Let`s put these 13 cards in the right order. First there is the Ace, which can take the values 1 or 11. Then we have 9 cards having the numerical values from 2 to 10. The last three cards are referred to as the face cards (Queen, King, and Jack) which all have the numerical value of 10. Your main goal is to get a score of 21, or at least as close as possible to the number 21. But you should not get a score above 21.

To really get a good idea of the rules and the way they are applied, is it wise to watch try and see for yourself. This will eventually result in a better understanding of the game. Then you can think of some strategies. Some tips regarding this are given in the next section. And keep in mind, before playing live blackjack, a little study on the rules and strategies is not an unnecessary luxury. is an independent website that provides information about the Best live blackjack casinos and does not offer games itself.