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Live Blackjack Tips

Like with almost everything in life, telling someone exactly how he or she should do something doesn`t make that person actually good in the end. But there are some tips for you which might be useful to know.

The number 21 plays an important role in the game. Your aim is to get as close as possible to this number but not to exceed it. The one with a score closest to 21 wins, and since you are playing against the dealer, your score has to be better than that of the dealer.

To give you the chance of a good start a list of 3 tips for playing live blackjack is presented below.

Three blackjack tips to boost your game

1.Choosing the right table
Before choosing a table you should take a look at your balance. It would be unwise to play live blackjack at a table where the minimum bet is too high. A good rule in picking out the right table is to see at which table the minimum bet is at its maximum 5% of your balance.

2.Your Position At The Table
Try to position yourself at the live table as far as possible from the live dealer. In this way you can observe more easily the cards that have been played out.

3.Don`t Play Multiple Hands At A Time
Although blackjack is a game not only about having but strategy as well, it still requires some luck which is in essence unavoidable when your bet. So if you are playing according to a somewhat more betting strategy you are depending on luck and the cards of you fellow players and the ones of the live dealer. Therefore, don`t play multiple hands at the same time. With everything going on, focusing on just one hand might be the best thing you can do to use a betting strategy fully.

Of course, depending on which strategy you have chosen different tips may help you. To know which strategy is the best one to use, you first need to observe the game you are going to play. There are several variants on blackjack, and even live blackjack is in some ways different from ordinary blackjack. So observe the game, then choose a fitting strategy. And finally, use the tips in such a way you can exploit your strategy. is an independent website that provides information about the Best live blackjack casinos and does not offer games itself.