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Live Dealers

When you go out on a Saturday night and you want to add some more adventure to the evening a casino is a good place to visit in such a case. But it is not only the place to find a casino. You can also stay at home and play at the best live blackjack casinos!

When you go out on a Saturday night and you want to add some adventure to the evening, a casino is a good place to visit in such a case. But, what would this whole experience be without the charming dealers and the pleasant atmosphere?

Extra information about live dealers

That was exactly what the inventors of live blackjack asked themselves as well. And with the creation of live blackjack it became clear. Having real people to play with and a real person who is dealing the cards is the recipe for the real casino experience. Not only is it possible to see the dealer at the table, the advanced technology even allows you to chat with the dealer or with your fellow players.

So far the most significant difference between online blackjack and live blackjack is mentioned. But there are more differences which might be worth looking at.

Just another example of such a difference is the following.

The set of rules can vary from online casino to online casino. Online casinos offer a wide variety of different blackjack variations but different blackjack based games as well.

This particular set of rules presented by the casino determines a particular House edge corresponding to the games played at the casino.

It can be a wise thing to play both online blackjack and live blackjack and compare their set of rules with each other. Try as many online blackjack games as possible before you can decide which games will lead to the lowest House edge working against you.

Since blackjack in general is a widely played game you may assume that there can be some kind of variety when it comes to skills. Some people try to study the strategies that can be applied in blackjack. Obviously, it will increase the chance of winning the game. But don`t worry, even inexperienced players can with the aid of some basic strategies win more money. The key then is to stick with the most fundamental strategies. And for those who want to know more about strategies, rules, and other tips to boost their game, more on this will be discussed later on. is an independent website that provides information about the Best live blackjack casinos and does not offer games itself.